About Us

Risk Insights has been around since 2016.

We’re a team of assurance and integrity consultants.



  • Provide Assurance – working with Internal Audit teams and Performance Audit teams
  • Obtain Confidence – that obligations and expectations are being met
  • Ensure Integrity – working with anti-corruption bodies and on fraud risk programs


  • Work directly with senior, experienced professionals.
  • We commit to diversity and flexible working practices for our team and customers.
  • Specialists – we focus on what we excel at, not on trying to be all things to all people.

Management Team

Connor_web_2426 (2)

Conor McGarrity

My focus is public sector governance, performance and integrity systems.
I enjoy helping clients use data to uncover new insights and to deliver on strategy and commitments.
Yusuf_web_2603 (3)

Yusuf Moolla

I help use data to provide assurance and ensure integrity.
Most of my 20 year career has been within professional services, balanced between technical and managerial roles.