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Build capability and confidence with our team’s deep expertise in using data for internal audit and performance audit.
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Get data-focused support that improves outcomes, increases quality, and delivers real insights.
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Auditors-General and Internal Audit Teams

If you want to get maximum value from the data you use in your audits and evaluations, we can help. We work with both performance audit teams and internal audit teams.
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Risk Insights

Risk Insights specialises in using data for assurance projects. We help teams boost their data capability to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance.

We’re best known for our specialised knowledge in using data for internal audit and performance audit. We’re among a very small pool of truly independent performance auditors — never auditing and advising on the same matters to ensure an unbiased outcome.

We deliver a uniquely personalised, tailored approach. Unlike traditional consulting firms, you’ll always have a senior leader on your project and know exactly who you’re dealing with, from start to finish.

With over four decades of combined experience, our consultants have worked with dozens of audit teams on hundreds of audits, across several countries. We’ve worked with top tier professional services firms and several statutory bodies, delivering value to public sector entities and socially responsible businesses.

If you’re interested in working together, contact us to set up a meeting. We only take on work if we’re confident that we can deliver, so if we’re not the right team for you, we’ll be upfront about that and try to help you find someone who is.
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Using Data for Assurance

Data is an exciting area for auditors and assurance leaders. In the last decade (and especially within the last few years), we’ve seen the volume of available data skyrocket — along with the technology, hardware, and software to exploit its potential. But very few audit teams are making the most of the data (and insights) now available to them.

Using data in your audits can help you:
  • Increase confidence in your findings
  • More easily fix issues and improve performance
  • Improve economy, make the most of your budget, and justify your spend
  • Audit more efficiently
  • Improve stakeholder satisfaction
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Using data in your audits could be the competitive advantage you’re looking for.

But most audit teams aren’t equipped to properly implement data in their audits, which is why so few auditors get it right. Perhaps you lack the capacity, time, specialised training, or processes to take on a data-focused internal audit. Or perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the complexity, hype, and jargon in this space.

We can help you successfully execute a data-focused audit.

Data specialty is our key point of difference. When you work with us, you get deep data expertise and tools that enable you to enjoy real insights, make the most of the data, and get better results for your stakeholders. Whether you need to upskill your team, quickly boost your capacity, or confidently implement new processes, we can help.

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Our Team

Risk Consultants at the Top of Their Game

Benefit from more than four decades of combined experience across hundreds of audits, both locally and internationally.
Conor McGarrity

Conor McGarrity


Conor is the Co-Founder of Risk Insights, Co-host of The Assurance Show, and Co-author of The Data-Confident Internal Auditor.

As a senior risk consultant, Conor uses data to identify risk, evaluate performance, and uncover insights for assurance. He specialises in performance auditing, working with audit teams in the public sector and socially responsible businesses.

With more than two decades’ experience, Conor has held leadership and advisory positions in several Australian statutory bodies and comes from a Business Management background. Over the years, he has:

  • Developed high-level strategic audit plans
  • Led complex performance audits
  • Delivered high profile governance reviews
  • Reviewed multi-billion dollar international procurement contracts
  • Contributed to public reports and reports to Parliament
  • Led corruption prevention work on public inquiries, leading to legislative change and reform

An industry leader in data-focused audits, Conor is dedicated to helping clients uncover new insights from their data that help them to improve organisational performance.

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Yusuf Moolla

Yusuf Moolla


A senior risk and assurance consultant with more than two decades’ experience, Yusuf has worked in top tier professional services firms in Australia, the UK, and South Africa.

He is a Certified Internal Auditor and has a background in Business Intelligence, Financial Systems, and Information Technology.

Yusuf helps performance auditors and internal auditors confidently use data for more effective, better quality audits. He works closely with clients — both locally in Australia and around the world — supporting them through data-focused consulting, advice, delivery, and coaching.

Yusuf is the Co-Founder of Risk Insights, as well as Co-host of The Assurance Show and Co-author of The Data-Confident Internal Auditor.

Passionate about demystifying the use of data and communicating insights in plain language (without losing meaning), Yusuf is a global leader in data-focused assurance.

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Book cover for The Data-Confident Internal Auditor

The Data Confident Internal Auditor

Published in late 2021, The Data Confident Internal Auditor is our guide for team leaders who want to upskill their teams, as well as rising stars looking to improve and distinguish themselves from the competition. This book demystifies the use of data within audit with jargon-free guidance that cuts through the hype. If you’ve purchased the book already, be sure to grab the free companion resources.
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