Internal Audit

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1. Hire us to uplift team capability

Most IA teams don’t have time/resources for standalone training.

Such training is often generic and rarely achieves the intended outcomes. We forget what we learn, unless we apply it directly, immediately and to the right subject matter.

How we overcome this: we work with your team to execute an audit.

We provide coaching and execution support throughout the audit.

In this way, your team learns while delivering.

2. Hire us to execute an

You don’t have capacity within your team to execute the audit.

Or you don’t have the right capability within your team.

Either way, you need support from a team that you can trust to deliver.

We may not be the right team. If we aren’t, we’ll tell you straight away and help you find the right team if we can. This could be a team internal to your organization.

We only take work on if we are confident that we can deliver – you won’t be disappointed.

3. Learn how to use data for audits

There are 5 resource sets available to you:

  1. The book “The Data-Confident Internal Auditor”, available from December 7.  The book demystifies the
    use of data in Internal Audit through practical, step-by-step guidance – how
    internal auditors can approach data themselves, without having to wait on data
  2. Blog articles (written) – a series of articles for internal auditors and performance (value-for-money) auditors
  3. Blog articles (spoken form) – audio versions of the blog articles
  4. The Assurance Show (podcast) – the risk and data focused podcast for auditors

If you are on the go, the podcast may work for you.

If you prefer written content, or are starting out, go for the book.

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4. Listen to the Assurance Show

The podcast that focuses on data & risk – for performance/internal auditors.

You can play the 5 latest episodes from the player below directly, or hit the button to go to the podcast page – here you will find all the episodes with full transcripts.