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Build your team’s data capability for internal audits so you can evaluate more data, produce more meaningful insights, and increase confidence in your findings.
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It was a pleasure working with you on this engagement and I’m very happy with the final product. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Chief Technology Officer, Audit Office (SAI)
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Build Your Internal Audit Data Capabilities

With increasingly mature technology, hardware, and software, along with increasing volumes of data, there’s plenty of opportunities to incorporate data into internal audits. You can use it to test hypotheses, support strategic objectives, audit more efficiently, implement an iterative approach, justify your spend, and deliver more value. It’s clear that using data can help your team produce better audit outcomes. But perhaps your team isn’t making the most of your data — yet. If this is the case, you’re likely facing one or more of these barriers:
  • Lack of capability – The team does not yet know how to use data — or their previous attempts may have fallen short
  • Lack of capacity – Perhaps the team needs some extra capacity to execute a data-focused internal audit
  • Limited training – The team may have completed some training, but found it generic (not audit-specific) or not helpful
  • Difficulty getting started – Team members are unsure of where to start
  • Overwhelm – The team may be overwhelmed by the hype, jargon, and complexity often found in the data space
If you’re ready to find new opportunities to improve (and track that improvement), we can help. Our data expertise will ensure a more comprehensive, meaningful, and valuable internal audit. Whether you need to boost your team’s capability, capacity, or confidence, we’ll tailor an approach to suit. Our consultants can help your team strategically and cost-effectively use data in your audits. We can quickly fill gaps by consulting on the data aspects of your audit, coaching your team through the process, or even executing the audit on your behalf. Backed by our decades of audit experience and unique data capabilities, you’ll be able to optimise your audit processes for today’s challenges and opportunities.
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Internal Audit Support Where You Need It

Training and Coaching

Building team capability can be a cost-effective way to improve your internal audits in the long-run. But most standalone data training doesn’t deal specifically with internal audit needs. Plus, learnings are quickly forgotten unless they’re applied directly, immediately, and to the right subject matter.

The best kind of training is hands-on and specific. That’s why our training is delivered within an audit — we work alongside your team to deliver an internal audit. We coach them through the data analysis process so that they build capability and come away with new skills to use data in future audits.

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Internal Audit Execution

Co-sourced internal audits are a great way to access specialist expertise, quickly increase your capacity, and even minimise your costs. If your team is short on capacity but you need to conduct a quality internal audit in a hurry, we can help. With decades of audit experience, we can:
  • Hit the ground running
  • Deliver your audits to consistently high standards
  • Bring our specialised data analysis capabilities
  • Maximise insights and value from your deliverables
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It really was a great experience for us. We could tell that you were passionate about the project, what’s going on, what we can learn about it and from it. We can see that you’ve really poured a lot into it.”
Manager, Public Sector Integrity Agency

How We Work

Step 1

Book a Meeting

Contact us to book an initial meeting. We’ll discuss your organisation, your goals, what you’d like audited, and areas you might need support. Then we’ll recommend a tailored approach that’ll help you get the most value from your internal audit.
Step 2

Get Support

Internal audits look different for everyone. You might prefer to conduct the audit yourself (with support where you need it), engage us as your external auditor, or something in between.
Step 3

Plan Ahead

After the project is finished, we can continue to offer support. This may include further training to continue to improve your team’s skills, or support to plan and execute future internal audits.
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Want Confidence Through Data? We Can Help.

Reach out to our team to book an initial meeting. We’ll recommend some options to help you get the most from your audit.
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Questions About Our Internal Audit Services

The internal audit process involves gathering information from various sources, analysing this information, and then reporting on it. If you can incorporate more data and analyse it more effectively, you'll be able to unlock more insights, greater accuracy, and more business value from your reports. Learn more in our blog post on four ways to approach the use of data and episode 21 of our podcast.
It’s impossible to give an exact answer as it will depend on a lot of factors. However, data is key to ensuring your internal audits deliver maximum insights and business value.
Yes. We work with internal audit teams worldwide.
In larger firms, you’ll likely work with a mix of consultants — and most lack our breadth or depth of experience. With Risk Insights, you’ll always work with someone who’s at the top of their game.