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Get tailored support for your performance audits to improve outcomes, increase quality, and deliver real insights.
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It was a pleasure working with you on this engagement and I’m very happy with the final product. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
- Chief Technology Officer, Audit Office (SAI)
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Supporting You with Performance Audits

Performance auditors are under increasing pressure to make their audits more effective, economical, and efficient. But greater volumes of data, advancing technologies, and new tools don’t automatically translate to improved audits. Your performance audit team likely faces a number of barriers to delivering quality audits, like:
  • Lack of capacity – Maybe they’re already stretched with their current audit schedule (without adding to their workload)
  • Lack of capability – They may not yet have the full training and confidence to use new tools, technologies, processes, or data in their audits
  • Poor ROI – In the past, they may have found that results didn’t go deep enough to provide new insights, they weren’t easy to understand, or they didn’t provide opportunities for improvement
  • Low relevance – Perhaps they are struggling to choose or prioritise audit themes that are relevant to the community or organisation
  • Overwhelm – They may have found the larger volumes of data or newer auditing tools to be noisy, overwhelming, and distracting (instead of useful)
The fastest way to improve your performance audits is to get expert support from a team like ours. With specialist knowledge in data for performance audits and decades of audit experience, we can provide support where you need it most. Get a tailored approach that suits your needs. We can step in and manage the process or just part of it — from planning and consulting on the data aspects of your audit, to outsourcing or co-sourcing your performance audit. We’ll help you plan and execute your most effective performance audit yet. Together, we’ll use the available data and tools to create audit deliverables that add real value, provide real insights, and lead to real performance improvements.
Our services

Performance Audit Support Where You Need It

Strategic Audit Plans

Forward work plans are a huge undertaking, often spanning several years. Your planned audits should cover topics that are relevant to the community, your department, and your organisation as a whole. We can support you to create a strategic audit plan that covers new, emerging issues in the external community, along with input from your internal community and systems. We’ll:

  • Conduct preliminary data analysis
  • Use the intelligence to identify potential risks
  • Prioritise issues for audits based on risk
  • Set the objective for upcoming audits
  • Ensure your strategic audit plan is set up to maximise value for all your stakeholders
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Outsourced Performance Audits

Fully outsourced performance audits are a great way to access specialist expertise, quickly increase your capacity, and even minimise your costs. If your performance audit team is short on capacity but you need to deliver a performance audit (or several) in a hurry, we can help. With decades of audit experience (including hundreds of audits), we can:
  • Hit the ground running
  • Deliver your audits to consistently high standards
  • Bring our specialised data analysis capabilities
  • Maximise insights and value from your performance audit deliverables
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Co-Sourced Performance Audits

Co-sourced performance audits are ideal for audit teams that need a little boost in capacity or capability — or specialist expertise for an audit. We can deliver a performance audit in conjunction with your team. When you partner with us for joint-delivery, you'll:
  • Benefit from our independent, objective approach
  • Access our data analysis knowledge, techniques, and tools
  • Get stronger audit deliverables
  • Maximise value from your budget
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Assurance Data Consulting

Looking for a data consultant? A consultant can enable you to incorporate advanced data tools and techniques, while freeing up your team to focus on other parts of the audit. We can:
  • Consult on the data analysis aspects of your audits
  • Help you make immediate improvements to your audit process
  • Quickly optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of your performance audits
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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance reviews are important to ensure that your performance audit practices are both effective and compliant. Independent PA reviews are the gold standard to remove any potential bias from the outcome — your reviewer should not have consulted to any of the organisations that are the subject of the audit. As one of the few truly independent performance auditors, we can provide QA on your performance audits, including:
  • Hot reviews – Completed during the planning/conduct phases
  • Warm reviews – Completed before signing and issuing your audit report
  • Cold reviews – Completed after the audit report is finalised
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“Interesting analytics work, great team and real outcome based work ethic.”
Chief Audit Executive, Corporate Entity

How We Work

It’s never too early to get support and advice for your performance audit. We can step in at any phase of the project, from planning and analysis to execution and reviews.
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Book a Meeting

Contact us to book an initial meeting. We’ll discuss your performance audit needs, capacity, and capability. Then we’ll recommend a tailored solution that’ll help your audit team achieve their goals.
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Get Support

Performance audit support looks different for everyone. We’re available to help your team strategically plan audits or consult on the data analysis aspects of your audit. You can even outsource or co-source the audit delivery to us.
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Want Confidence Through Data? We Can Help.

Reach out to our team to book an initial meeting. We’ll recommend some options to help you get the most from your data.
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Questions About Our Performance Audit Service

Yes. Auditing requires a significant level of independence to ensure that you’re not biased towards the outcome. As far as we know, Risk Insights are the only truly independent performance auditors in Australia. This means that we never audit and advise on the same matters.
We’ve conducted hundreds of audits, working with top tier professional services firms and several statutory bodies. We’re familiar with the auditing standards and ensure our work meets the requirements.
No. Although we have specialised knowledge in data for performance audits, we’re able to offer support on all kinds of performance audits.
In some firms, you’ll likely work with a mix of consultants — most of whom lack our breadth or depth of experience. With Risk Insights, you’ll always work with someone who’s at the top of their game. Plus, our experience in using data (combined with progressive approaches specific to performance audit) can enable a more effective performance audit and better outcomes overall.