Small datasets for audits: 5 ways to extract value

Is big data more valuable than smaller data? What do we even mean when we ask this question? The thing is, there’s no real definition for either. The term “big data” is now quite dated. It’s been around for nearly a decade but has never been defined. Some may say that “small data” is the

Efficiency audits: why you shouldn’t avoid them and how to tackle the objections

This article focuses on public sector performance auditors. However, it will also be useful for internal auditors who want to go beyond traditional conformance audits. In a recent article, we discussed the importance of assurance leaders using crisis as an opportunity to reset strategic priorities. But which audits will give you the most bang for your buck?

A broader perspective on how auditors can use data for efficiency

Using data for our audits can help improve efficiency. But not only in a traditional sense.   Audit efficiency and audit effectiveness are important objectives. Most discussions about using data to achieve those objectives have an inward focus. How can we make our audits more efficient? The audit team’s process, as opposed to broader efficiency.

Crisis as an opportunity for a strategic reset of assurance priorities

Infrequent but significant crises present new challenges for assurance leaders. But with challenge comes opportunity. Opportunity to re-assess how assurance activity is performed and, most importantly, how it can be improved.   Assurance leaders are seldom presented with an opportunity for a strategic reset. You must leverage the opportunity a crisis provides to ask the

Principle 3 – Maximize benefits – data governance within IA

This article focuses on principle #3 – Maximizing the benefits of using data in audit. This is the 5th article in this series.  The four earlier articles addressed related topics: Why you need to govern the use of data, within the audit team, in a different way Why we must share data, that is collected or used

Principle 2 – Quality – for data governance within audit

This article focuses on principle #2 – Quality – for governing data within audit. This is the 4th article in this series.  The previous articles: Outlined why the use of data within the IA team should be specifically governed. Provided a point of view about access to data that is collected or used by the audit team. Introduced the 3

3 key principles for data governance within audit

This article sets out 3 key principles for Data Governance within audit. A core set of guidelines that we, as audit professionals, can check ourselves against in planning for and using data. This is the third article in the series. The first article outlined why the use of data within the IA team (e.g., for